17 weeks

OH HAY. Well I know I haven’t updated in quite a while, but I figure GETTING PREGNANT was as good an excuse as any! If you follow me on Instagram, you got a sneak peek last week, but here is my official interwebz pregnancy announcement….and perhaps…the first step towards my evolution into a MOMMY BLOGGER? OH GOD, PLEASE NO.

I just started Month 5 and PHITUS is due February 3. We are so excited!


10 weeks


12 weeks

My favorite photo of PHITUS is actually my very first dating ultrasound at 10 weeks. LOOK HOW IT’S PROPPED ON ITS SIDE AND ITS LITTLE BALL FEET. So cute. We don’t find out sex for another couple weeks, but Husband and I both have a hunch. Curious to see if we’re right!

And if you didn’t get the “how is babby formed” reference-
How Is Babby Formed
Know Your Meme







Surface to Air top
J Brand Minx jeans
Rick Owens boots
Miansai bracelet
The Year Of necklace

1.  HURR.  I DID IT.  It’s the shortest my hair has been since 2005, and I always swore I would never cut my hair again, but you know.  That “new hair itch” inevitably strikes.  Surprisingly, my long-hair-regret was pretty minimal and I am REALLY enjoying how much faster it is to get ready in the morning.  Also, I am enjoying this sweet, sweet period before my freshly-dyed hair turns orange.

2.  NECKLACE.  My new necklace was made by my cute friend Alisa.  I love how it’s a softer look than my normal accessories, but still strong and minimal.  Check out her site The Year Of for more of her knitted rope necklaces.  I’m already planning on getting another one!

3.  EUROPE.  I can’t believe we’re leaving for Europe next week already!  I’ve hardly had time to sit down and do as much research as I’ve wanted to, though I’m ALMOST done with my crazy 4-page spreadsheet on meals.  Anyone have any must-see/eat/shop places in Stockholm, Copenhagen, or Paris?  The last time we were in Paris was March 2011, but I’m sure there are new places to check out!  I haven’t done any shopping research yet, but the land of Acne, Wood Wood, Hope, Henrik Vibskov, and Won Hundred?  Oh, this will be wonderful.


FAVORITES: The Pit & The Pendulum Necklace



The Pit & The Pendulum Necklace, $45

It’s no secret that Evidence Jewelry’s “The Pit & The Pendulum” necklace is my favorite necklace as of the past couple months, as you’ve seen in every outfit post lately.  I apologize for being annoying and always linking to something that is sold out, but GOOD NEWS, Katie of Evidence Jewelry finally sent us a couple more for the store!  Since each is handmade, we only have a couple to sell, so if it’s something you were eyeing, I’d snatch it up sooner rather than later!

I wear it almost every single day and it’s gotten to the point where it becomes difficult to NOT put it on.  The length, the weight, the shape – ALL PERFECT.  It’s like it’s too easy to put it on.  Having to decide on something else to accessorize your outfit that day would require just too much brain work.

Store IRL




Forever 21 sweater
Urban Outfitters pants
Isabel Marant boots
Betsy & Iya necklace
Miansai bracelet

Exciting weekend for the store – we have officially moved into our new space!  YEYUH.  We are now officially located in Belltown (yay? gross?), just about 4 blocks from the Space Needle.  AND!  In even more exciting news, we are going to be opening a physical storefront as well!  IT’S REAL, YOU GUYS.  Our operations and fulfillment team will be working away in the back, while a brand new retail space will be open to the public in the front.  Party in the front, business in the back, amirite?


Today will be our first day in our new space!  Can’t wait to start ORGANIZING THINGS.  Then, soon, you can VISIT US.  @_@

Click here for Moorea’s post and photos on our old studio space, as well as details on our new one!

FAVORITES: Gilligan & O’Malley Thongs


Gilligan & O’Malley modal thongs
1 for $5 // 3 for $11

I just discovered my new favorite underwear – the Gilligan & O’Malley modal thongs from Target. Yes, Target! Super soft, super stretchy, super thin, super CHEAP. They really do feel like wearing nothing at all (nothing at all! NOTHING AT ALL!).  At only $5 each (and even cheaper if you buy 3 at a time), you could rebuild your entire underwear collection in one go.