JE T’AIME PARIS (2000-and-late)

In light of recent events in Paris, I started looking through my old photos of our trips to Paris and realized that I never posted the photos of our most recent trip from last year, March 2014. I basically got pregnant immediately after our trip, which obviously distracted me for a good while! So a year and a half late, but here are some of my favorites from the trip. We love you, Paris. <3

You can also peek at the photos from our previous trip to Paris in 2011 here.












Le Comptoir du Relais

Le Comptoir du Relais


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And a photo to show I’m still alive and kickin’! Albeit, with an 8 MONTH OLD now (how did this happen).

Forever 21 top and culottes, Zara shoes (similar here), Nununu dress


The Baby List | 1


I’ve been a parent for a whole 7 WEEKS now and obviously, I’m now an expert.  BAHAHAHHAH.  Oh, god.  So far from it.  I’ve done (and am still doing) SO much research on babies, childcare, parenting, sleep training, breastfeeding — it’s ridiculous.  Before Lou was born, we did our research and bought what we considered the best gear.  We’ll totally use this all the time!  Funny how babies don’t care that something has over 1000 4-star reviews on Amazon.

But in these first 7 weeks, there have been some things that we do use all the time that I wouldn’t hesitate to buy again.  In fact, for a couple of these things, I actually have gone and bought a 2nd (and 3rd) set.


1. Woombie // Lou has a strong startle reflex and will wake herself up with her flailing as-if-independent-from-her-body arms.  She loves being swaddled, but no matter how tightly we swaddled her with regular swaddle blankets, she could always break out of them.  Enter the Woombie.  It zips up, so you don’t have to deal with folding blankets (although we did end up swaddling her loosely with a blanket over the Woombie for more warmth).  It also zips from the bottom, which is nice for middle-of-the-night diaper changes.

2. OXO Wipes Dispenser // You quickly learn that a lot of the steps to changing a diaper require that you do them with only one hand because your other hand is needed to hold your baby’s legs out of her own poop.  The dispenser has a push top opening, keeps wipes moist, and lets you pull out single wipes at a time.  It’s a simple concept, but when you’re changing 10+ diapers a day, the convenience is exponentially appreciated.

3. Spasilk Wrap Onesie // Most babies hate wearing clothes and love being naked.  Lou was the complete opposite.  She HATED being naked.  This turned every diaper or clothing change into a mini meltdown for the first month or so.  Those extra few seconds spent trying to pull a tiny neck hole over her giant 65-percentile head was not an option.  These onesies were great because there were just 3 snap buttons down the front, so you could put it on like a jacket.  I also really liked how the bottom snaps snapped across the belly instead of the crotch, which also made things a lot easier.  This is what Lou wears every night to bed underneath her swaddle.

4. Art for Baby // We use this book during tummy time and Lou loves it.  Babies love high-contrast black and white images and this book features art by contemporary artists, so it’s at least interesting for adults to look at too.  Lou’s favorite is the Murakami flower.  She stares at it for minutes (an eternity in baby-time!).

5. Zutano Booties // Babies are always missing one sock.  These booties actually stay on.  AND look good.  They’re great as “shoes” for newborns when leaving the house.  They look like little hightop moonboots.  So cute.

6. Freemie Collection Cups // Pumping breastmilk is the worst.  I never really knew what pumping entailed because I never really thought about it.  Pumping breastmilk?  It just comes out into a container, right?  OMG NO.  There are SO many steps and parts involved.  You’re attached to a machine for 20 minutes with huge pieces of plastic attached to your boobs milking you like a cow.  These 20 minutes aren’t including setup beforehand or cleanup afterwards.  Then you have to deal with measuring and storing what you pumped into sterilized containers for freezing later.  And the amount you pump for all that work is SO LITTLE!  Sometimes as little as 1 ounce!  And you do this MULTIPLE times a day.  Pumping is THE WORST.  These Freemie collection cups make pumping a LITTLE less annoying because you can stick them inside your shirt (and then connect them to your existing pump with your existing tubing). The traditional “horns” that come with most breast pumps are a lot bigger and require you take off your bra and use a hands-free bra if you don’t want to hold them up to your boobs.  The Freemie cups are a lot more discrete.  I could write a whole blog entry about pumping and using traditional flanges vs. Freemie cups….but I won’t….because most people don’t care….and I’m boring myself just thinking about it.

7. Circo Sleep-N-Play // Lou has quite the collection of stylish clothing hanging in her closet.  She’s worn maybe 10% of them.  However, she basically lives in these Circo Sleep-N-Play suits.  As I mentioned, she hates taking off her clothes, so anything with too many buttons or multiple pieces is like an invitation for screaming.  These are one piece and the Circo brand in particular features an inverted zipper that unzips from the bottom, which has proven to be PRICELESS for middle-of-the-night diaper changes because it allows the top portion of her clothes to remain closed.  Also, they’re like less than $5 each at Target.

8. Aden + Anais Muslin Swaddle Blankets // I never realized how many items you need to cover your baby with.  We have SO many different blankets of varying thickness for Lou and we use all of them!  We use these muslin swaddle blankets every day for swaddling, for laying on top of the couch, for laying on top of her various seating apparatuses, for covering her in her stroller, for blocking rain and wind when we’re outside — so many uses!  They’re lightweight, but are big enough that you can fold for extra thickness.  I like this jeweled-colored set in particular for the pop of color amongst the mostly black/white/grey furniture and clothes I buy for her.

9. Ergo 360 // Baby-wearing has been a game-changer for us.  Turns out, babies don’t always like to hang out by themselves.  Play in your crib for 10 minutes while mama clears the dishwasher?  Sit in your bouncy chair for 15 minutes while mama does a load of laundry?   2 minutes while mama goes to the bathroom??  NOPE NOT GONNA DO IT.  Wearing your baby enables you to go about your day (somewhat) with the use of both arms, whereas before, you were confined to the couch or walking laps around your living room, baby in tow.  I’ve tried wrap carriers like the K’Tan, Moby, and Boba, but ended up liking the Ergo the best.  While the softer wrap carriers did feel more natural/comfortable, I preferred the structured feel of the Ergo better, at least for my purposes of getting stuff done around the house.  In fact, Lou is sitting in the Ergo right now as I’m typing up this blog draft.  With the wraps, while they were more comfortable for just hanging out or sitting on the couch, it was harder to do chores because after a while, they felt loose and more saggy feeling.  I do still own both types, but I find myself reaching for the Ergo more.  An added bonus is that Lou falls asleep in the carrier within 10 minutes, guaranteed.  It’s my go-to way of sneaking in a nap!


So these are my 9 picks for theses first 7 weeks of baby’s life.  Will be interesting to see what our little dictator chooses as her next 9 items of choice in the coming weeks.

On Postpartum

Photo Jan 28, 12 55 55 PM
Baby Shusher, Land of Nod changing pad cover, Noe & Zoe Berlin hat (similar here)


The word “postpartum” is usually associated with the concept of “postpartum depression,” but the word “postpartum” itself just means the period after childbirth.  Right now, I’m almost 6 weeks postpartum and while I was lucky enough not to have experienced actual postpartum depression, it has been an mental/physical/emotional roller coaster for sure.

Physiologically, when you’re pregnant, your body has super high levels of hormones for both you and baby.  After giving birth, there is a so-called “crash” when all of those hormones that were sustaining you for the past 9 months are suddenly gone.  It’s truly a sudden drop and let me tell you, the effects are palpable.

I consider myself a pretty even-keeled person and have a pretty firm grasp over my emotions.  Those first two weeks, though.  WHEW.  It was a side of myself I did not expect to see.  To go from feeling your heart be so full of love for this tiny person one second, to hiding out in the bathroom and sobbing into a crumpled wad of toilet paper the next – it got to be pretty overwhelming.

It wasn’t the hormones alone that made that time so crazy.  It was the hormone crash combined with:

  • Overwhelming responsibility of taking care of a human being who is completely dependent on you.
  • Breastfeeding is hard and not as “natural” as one might think.
  • Physical recovery from childbirth is worse than actual childbirth.  And you look and feel gross.
  • Sleep deprivation that comes from having to feed something every 1-2 hours around the clock.
  • Guilt coming from a disconnect between what you think you should be feeling and what you are actually feeling.
  • Helplessness because WTF HAVE I DONE AND WHAT AM I DOING?

So all these factors combined makes for a pretty rough couple of weeks.  I literally cried every single day, multiple times a day, for the first two weeks.  It wasn’t all sad tears, though.  Happy tears were sprinkled in here and there too!  Here are some things that triggered my crying:

  1. How much I loved Beet.
  2. How much I loved Husband.
  3. Beet is so small and helpless.
  4. When Beet did her first Cries Of Despair and I didn’t know how to fix it.
  5. Superbowl commercial about the dad and son.
  6. How much I loved that first week we were home with Beet.
  7. How much I would miss that first week we were home with Beet.
  8. The fact that Husband had to go back to work after one week.
  9. The fact that I would go back to work in 2 months.
  10. Grey’s Anatomy episode about April and Jackson’s baby.
  11. Too many people around.
  12. Wanting to be alone.
  13. Any song that had to do with any type of emotion (e.g., Beatles – Blackbird, Clean Bandit – Rather Be, Robyn + Royksopp – Do It Again).
  14. That I wanted all the grandparents to leave.
  15. When the grandparents left.
  16. Huggies commercial about you being your baby’s first hug, and the diaper being the 2nd.
  17. Seeing Husband be a dad.

The list goes on.  I think another big factor related to these postpartum feelings was how they affect your confidence.  Imagine being at work and being assigned a project that you THOUGHT you had could handle because you had prepared yourself for months, only to find that the project is nothing like you had imagined and you feel like an idiot because your irrational boss keeps yelling at you and demanding one thing, but expects something else.  Also, your boss keeps pooping in his diaper and after you change it, he immediately poops again….which wouldn’t be such a big deal except that your boss cries every time he poops.  THIS WOULD BE A SHOT TO YOUR CONFIDENCE, NO?  I wasn’t expecting this “baby project” to affect my confidence on a personal level as much as it did.  That feeling like you can’t do anything right is magnified when the project is NEVER ENDING and 24 HOURS A DAY.  Quit the project?  NO, YOU CANNOT.  HERE ARE MORE PROJECTS.

There’s also the feeling lack of compensation.  They say, “but at the end of the day, you have your baby, and that makes it all worth it.”  I’m sure that’s true, I KNOW that’s true – but at this moment, it doesn’t feel true.  Not yet, anyway.  Because when your baby is a newborn, she doesn’t smile at you yet, she doesn’t laugh, she doesn’t show affection.  A newborn is just a lump that NEEDS you and DEMANDS things from you all day, and doesn’t really give anything in return.  It’s a hard relationship to be in.

But here’s what gets me through the day.  I know it gets better.  And it does get better, little by little, day by day.  I can see the changes in Beet as each day passes and she gets a little stronger, a little smarter.  As her neck gets stronger, breastfeeding gets easier.  As her stomach gets stronger, she cries less often when she has a burp she can’t get out.  As her eyes get stronger, she recognizes me and Husband and begins to actually look at us, as opposed to simply seeing us.  Everyday is totally different, which is both exciting and terrifying for me, being someone who thrives on structure.  Regarding taking care of a baby, I’ve heard, “the days are long, but the years are short.”  I can completely see that being true.  But knowing that it will only get better from here really helps you get through each day.