JE T’AIME PARIS (2000-and-late)

In light of recent events in Paris, I started looking through my old photos of our trips to Paris and realized that I never posted the photos of our most recent trip from last year, … Read more →

Grayland Beach

This past weekend, I went CAMPING. For the first time! To be fair, it was moreso glamping than it was camping – we stayed in a yurt (i.e., a fancy teepee) at Grayland Beach State … Read more →


We had an awesome Hawaii trip!  We split our time between Oahu and Kauai, with it being everyone’s first time in Kauai.  Our group of 10 was pretty much the perfect group of travel companions … Read more →


Will be OUT OF OFFICE for the next week!  We’ll be in Hawaii (Oahu and Kauai) until Nov. 3. Will be bringing my laptop in attempts to keep the blog updated, but who knows what … Read more →

San Francisco 2013

Weekend trip to The Bay!  We flew down for May and Calvin’s baby shower in San Jose, but fit in some eatings and fun in San Francisco as well.  Highlights included staying 3 blocks away … Read more →