It’s that time again!

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I actually took advantage of the sale this time and bought myself some new boots. Once upon a childless time, I bought myself new shoes on the semi-regular. No special reason for each purchase – it was on sale, it was cute, I wanted it, etc. People always say it (I’M ABOUT TO SAY IT), but it’s true – things change when you have kids. Priorities change, disposable income changes, amount of free time able to be devoted to leisurely browsing the internets for fashunz changes. Next thing you know, you haven’t bought yourself new ankle boots in nearly three¬†years and you realize you are wearing several pairs of boots that are almost 7 years old. Side note – shoutout to Minimarket and Acne for making really well-made shoes! Them Swedes know what they’re doing.rachc2007815724_q1_1-0-_ql90_ux336_So I finally bought the classic¬†Rachel Comey Mars booties. I had been eyeing them for years (since the mid-2000’s when every blogger had them, RIGHT?), and finally decided WHY NOT? Nothing fancy, minimal, casual but pulled-together. The two boots in my regular rotation are my Acne Pistol boots and my Isabel Marant Dicker boots, both of which have a black leather upper and brown wood sole, so I had been wanting a pair of boots with black on black upper and sole. They are supposed to arrive today in the mail, so here’s hoping they’re perfect.

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