FAVORITES: The Pit & The Pendulum Necklace



The Pit & The Pendulum Necklace, $45

It’s no secret that Evidence Jewelry’s “The Pit & The Pendulum” necklace is my favorite necklace as of the past couple months, as you’ve seen in every outfit post lately.  I apologize for being annoying and always linking to something that is sold out, but GOOD NEWS, Katie of Evidence Jewelry finally sent us a couple more for the store!  Since each is handmade, we only have a couple to sell, so if it’s something you were eyeing, I’d snatch it up sooner rather than later!

I wear it almost every single day and it’s gotten to the point where it becomes difficult to NOT put it on.  The length, the weight, the shape – ALL PERFECT.  It’s like it’s too easy to put it on.  Having to decide on something else to accessorize your outfit that day would require just too much brain work.

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  1. Just bought one — I couldn’t help it. I look forward to being able to walk into the actual store! Mail from Belltown to Kirkland should be pretty quick, though, and I can’t wait until I can see it in person.

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