Macrina Bakery brioche, house made herbed ricotta



Lamb sausage



Lemon ricotta pancake




We tried out Tallulah’s this past weekend, a new cafe in the neighborhood opened by the Capitol Hill Heiress herself, Linda Derschang.  Well, she’s not technically an “heiress” in the literal sense, but when you open/own multiple Cap Hill institutions (Linda’s and Oddfellows, to name a few), you might as well be nobility.

The restaurant is airy, light, and comfortable.  The decor is warm, with an obvious mid-century influence, and a touch of that weird/creepy 70’s porn soft focus feel – in a good way.  We came late on a Sunday afternoon, so we mostly nibbled on some brunch items.  The lemon ricotta pancake was GOOD.  Savor those first few bites because the initial warm crispy shell enveloping that pancake is truly exceptional.  It almost doesn’t feel or eat like a pancake in the first few seconds, but the finish is complete nostalgia of your Bisquick childhood.

Bonus:  For you designy people, here’s an interesting article on Tallulah’s logo study.


550 19th Ave E
Seattle, WA 98112
(206) 860-0077


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