J.Crew tshirt
J. Brand leather pants
Margiela boots
Miansai bracelet

First look of the new arm!  These photos were after the first session, so at this point, about 80% of the linework was done.  I went back 2 weeks later (last week) to finish up the outlining, then do all the shading.  Total time was 7 hours.

So WHY NOW?  CUZ I FELT LIKE IT OK.  Lololol.  But srsly.

I’ve always liked tattoos, but my previous ones were always purposefully discrete.  Not because I didn’t want them to be seen, but factors such as “business casual” and “client meetings” generally overruled any desire for large tattoo pieces.

And then I wasn’t a lawyer anymore.  Husband kept telling me, now you can finally get your sleeve!  But for a while, I wasn’t ready.  I didn’t want to do law anymore, but that didn’t mean I had the option (luxury) of not doing it anymore – just because I didn’t want to.  What if I have to work a corporate job later on?  Husband would assure me, you won’t; just get it.  Hmm.  Not convinced.

Months passed.  Then a year.  Then it was over a year, and by then, I had found myself doing something that was not only rewarding, but was something I really enjoyed doing.  And I was pretty good at it, to boot!  Official confirmation that one CAN love their job!  Also, official confirmation that I will never again work for someone else, doing something I hate.  I will never again wake up, every morning, and dread going to work.  I will never again work a job where I don’t feel proud of what I’ve accomplished at the end of every day.

I set myself a couple of personal milestones, of which after I achieved, I would be rewarded with my much sought-after sleeve tattoo.  To sweeten the deal even further, Husband offered to pay for the whole thing, as a prize for achieving my goal, but I wanted to pay for part of it myself, so we split it.  But I love him for offering. <3<3<3

I contacted my artist of choice (I had someone in mind for about a year now) and proposed my ideas and inspiration.  We set a date for my first session in January and this is what the artist came up with –


photo (1)



Explanatory post to come!

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  1. First, your hair looks amazing, digging the ash-shade. And such an awesome thing that you found something so rewarding !! Can’t wait to see the final tattoo and the story behind it! Congratulations 🙂

  2. Love everything about your outfit! Love the hair too. So awesome that you found something that you really love to do! Can’t wait to hear the backstory and the final tat!

  3. Ok, I am going to sound like a creepster admitting this, but I’ve been reading your blog for a while now (I think before you were dating your husband!) and it’s been inspirational watching you transform throughout the years. I read your blog because your style is awesome, you’re always doing neat things, your photos of UNO and Pepper are so much fun!, whenever you have a food and/or music post, it makes my day, and the best part of your blog is your writing! I really love that you share your stories with us even if they’re not so great like the whole not-being-a-lawyer thing anymore.. it makes you REAL. You’ve always followed your dreams and accomplished your goals. You went through some hardships (must have sucked), but look at you now! Whatever you are doing now totally suits you and you’re having a blast doing it! I am so so happy for you! 🙂 You totally deserve that beautiful sleeve and it’s a fantastic piece! I can’t wait for your explanatory post! I also bought a little trinket from Moorea Seal (tiny triangle pendant), which should be arriving today. So eggcited!! I wish I could buy EVERYTHING! If only I wasn’t on a grad student budget! 😛 You are awesome! Keep on doing your thang! Best wishes! 🙂

    • Hi Khanh! Thank you for the sweet comment, it totally made my day! =) Sometimes I can’t believe how long I’ve been blogging/rambling/wasting time, so it’s nice to hear someone’s that put up with it for so long! Good luck to you with grad school (hopefully not law school, lol jk) and thank you for being such a loyal reader. =) Also, nice choice on the triangle pendant – it’s one of my favorites in the store! xo Tramanh

  4. also have to comment you on your hair! looks really good! (also really, really enjoy your writing). sadly I am a 2L but I do not dislike law school/work…so far. i would love to hear what you’re doing now with your new job! your path! stories about drastic lifestyle changes are so inspiring. you are bold, girl! get’r done!

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