Bizzarro Italian Cafe


Caesar salad with anchovies


Sunday meatballs


Wild Oregon elk with fennel, thyme, Mama lil’s peppers and pork shoulder in a creamy ragu, housemade parpardelle


Housemade linguini with a spicy sauce of nicoise olives, capers, anchovies, garlic and local goat horn peppers


Wild mushrooms and walnuts with cream sherry sauce, housemade parpadelle


Classic tiramisu

Last week May and I decided to try out a new (to us) Italian restaurant to try out the PAYHSTA, which May had heard was excellent.  It’s become a dangerously delicious habit of ours to go eat PAYHSTA at least once a week together.  Truly my two greatest enemies – Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates.

The name Bizzarro Cafe immediately made me think of a themed restaurant with strange decor and mediocre food (e.g., Hobbit Cafe in Houston, SRY2SAY), so expectations were managed.  Plus, the restaurant is in Wallingford, so I was like, “makes sense.”  We each ordered the Elk Bolognese and Caesar Salad (“is it weird if we order the same thing? IDUNCURR”).

The salad was a classic caesar and served exactly how I like my caesars – whole romaine, lightly dressed, and whole anchovies.  Delicious!  The pasta came out and we nodded approvingly at the portion size and amount of bolognese.  Suffice to say, we each scarfed down the entire plate of pasta and proceeded to tell our husbands about our pasta experience.

The bolognese was really good.
Yeah, I think I liked it better than the Il Corvo bolognese


Hence our return visit a week later with husbands in tow.  The verdict?  Pasta aside and based solely on the bolognese, Bizzarro indeed has the superior sauce.

Bizzarro Italian Cafe
1307 N 46th St
Seattle, WA 98103
(206) 632-7277

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    • LOL! It’s from one of my favorite FRIENDS episodes where Brad Pitt guest stars as an old friend of Monica and Rachel from high school who used to be fat in high school, but is now a handsome health nut and has come over for Thanksgiving dinner. “Look at her standing there with those yams. My two greatest enemies, Ross. Rachel Green and complex carbohydrates.”

    • I can’t resist a good tiramisu. Especially when they’re not stingy on the mascarpone!

  1. I absolutely LOVE that you live in Seattle! I’ve been to Il Corvo, but I’ve never heard of Bizzarro until this post! Thank you, thank you for all the great food recs. ;D

  2. omg. I LOVE (and miss) Bizzarro! Their mushroom pasta is the best thing… is it still called forest floor frenzy?!
    (btw, am I the only one who thinks of Miss Congeniality when the word bizzarro is used?)

    • Yes, the Forest Floor Frenzy is what I had on my 2nd visit (2nd to last photo)! SO rich and delicious!!

  3. Definitely love Bizzarro (and Wallingford for that matter)!! I haven’t been there in years, though…. your post makes me want to go back 🙂

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