Just Right

Urban Outfitters pullover
H&M skirt (similar here and here)
Hue sheer tights
Proenza Schouler pumps (similar here and here)


Was trying to pick out a pair of shoes to wear with this outfit.  It’s still pretty cold in the Pacific Northwest (low 40′s-50′s), so it definitely had to be something closed-toe.

I was having a conversation with my sister yesterday about picking out shoes to wear given we both favor [short] shorts and [short] skirts.  To even out the proportion, you usually want a more substantial shoe on the bottom.  A strappy sandal or an especially thin stilleto heel would make my leg too exposed and create a weird inverted triangle shape for my lower half.  At the same time, a chunky ankle boot or wedge would make the whole ensemble seem too blocky.

Looked through my shoes and found everything either too thin or much too chunky.  Mostly, too chunky (I REALLY need to enforce my chunky shoe ban, btw).  Looked up one shelf and scanned through my “fancy shoe” boxes.  The Proenzas!  I forgot I had them!  Slipped them on and was satisfied with the result.  Super tall, enough texture/color to add interest, and with just enough weight to tie everything together while still remaining a pump that hits below the ankle.  Wore them out for drinks at a Korean bar followed by dancing to house music at my new favorite unmarked club.

Which brings me to my current fashion concern – what happens when thick heels are no longer current?  Pointy pumps and minimalistic sandals atop stilleto heels are definitely trending, the look of which I love because of how it’s just SO 90′s.  But am I ready to wear shorts and stilletos?  Mini skirts and strappy sandals?  Do I only THINK it looks weird b/c my definition of “proportion” is really just a product of current trends?  Or will the upcoming trend alter what is or isn’t an acceptable proportionate outfit?

Or maybe I should just dress my age and stop wearing such short shorts and short skirts.

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  1. i liked the other you!! i dont like this hair and nose ring. just saying. I mean you still are pretty i just dont see u like this. sorry

  2. uhhh, the “other you”? wt fuck? anyway i know what you mean about wearing short shorts/skirts. I say the shorter the better because I’m a wee little asian so more leg gives the illusion of height. And you have great legs so you could totally wear minimalistic pumps/strappy stilettos with your shorts. But you’re right, these proenzas are the perfect in between “weight”.

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