Skanky Me

Cheap Monday shirt dress (belted version here)
Plush fleece tights
Burberry wedges
Forever21 belt (similar here)
Chrishabana cross cuff

It’s been called to my attention that my outfits may come across as skanky. Strangely, I’m a little proud? Because generally, as a person, I couldn’t be further from a skank. So to be able to wear something that effectively conveys that, while still maintaining an otherwise constant personality and lifestyle? That is cool. I like having a double life. KEEP IT CLASSY, OK? (But only sometimes.)

Another unexpected aspect? SNOWBOARDING?

Went to Steven’s Pass this past weekend with May/Calvin to take a snowboarding lesson. This will be my 2ND TIME taking a beginner’s snowboarding lesson. I don’t know how to/hate snowboarding.

This was from the first time in 2006. The notable photo of me after I snowboarded into the ski lift. It’s a crowd pleaser.

We are going to Whistler in a couple weeks and Husband said I had to learn to snowboard before we go. SIGH FINE GODDD. Anyway, this 2nd time was a lot better. I could actually stay up and GET DOWN the hill this time, which was a huge feat that was not accomplished the 1st time.

Do I LOVE IT AS MUCH AS EVERYONE ELSE? Not by a longshot. But I don’t think I actively hate it anymore.

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  1. we seriously do live parallel lives. we’re going to whistler in a few weeks too! and i can’t believe your style has been called skanky.. what do those people think about fake rhinestone stretchy jersey dresses and bejeweled 6-inch lucite heels? haha

  2. Ahh, so you found the Get Off My Internets forum
    Thread? They say some very nice things about many bloggers and some really heinous things about people. I logged in and looked for a minute and then wanted to hurl… I knew you’d find it so I didn’t email you about the drama…
    I don’t think you look skanky ever. It’s weird people would label you as such. If anything, you strike me more as “street” or edgy than anything else. Anyway, you take it all in and respond to it all like the unflappable, classy girl I think you are… So kudos, Bee!

    me ke aloha, Mae

  3. I tried snowboarding this past winter. The ground froze over the night before so it wasn’t powder. It hurt a lot :CCC Snowboarding looks infinitely cooler than skiing, but I can’t get the hang of it. Hopefully your snowboarding experience will differ from mine lol

  4. Snowboarding can be fun but there is definitely a lot of falling at the beginning and I think lessons can help a lot. Don’t feel like the norm is that everyone gets it right off the bat — because they don’t! It gets better!

  5. What? I don’t get it. You’re usually wearing short sleeves, (long) leggings, drapey shirts. ALL COVERED UP. ??? Not going to read that forum.

    I like watching sports but not doing them. SO WEAK.

  6. i love boarding! i think u will love it once u get it down. im going to breck in a few weeks. ahhh i wish i could go board in whistler! have fun!!!

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