Kick it like a Tito

AA tri-blend cardigan
T by Alexander Wang tank
Lululemon Wunder Unders
F21 wool hat
Missoni for Target circle scarf (similar non-Target here)
Anthropologie necklace (similar here)
Aldo boots (similar here)

When you can’t figure out what to wear, just layer everything in the same color family. Black is the easiest, of course.

Top with Carmen Sandiego hat. IT’S NOT A FEDORA. Never wear fedora.

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  1. That last photo looks amazing, it looks like your dog is modeling with you. I wish Puchungo would do the same when I take pictures with him haha

  2. Are the Lululemon leggings super warm? I’m still a little puzzled by the appeal of these. And they’re always sold out when I go to the store, so I can never try them on!

    • They’re warmer than regular legging b/c they’re much thicker and stretchier. I’m officially obsessed with them. I have like 5 pairs lol. Try them if you can!

  3. PHI! It’s me Erika:) I haven’t commented in awhile but you look fantastic. How do those wunder unders fit?

    Also I applied to Santa Clara Law. I hope I get in! Well I hope to go to USD, but SC is my 2nd choice if I had to move. I wanna email you about it, and basically if my #s are good enough.

  4. my fav is the last photo! what a profesh, you’re handsome guy! and of course you’re always on point. septum ring? cool!

    • Haha yeah it doesn’t make a close up appearance often on the blog. =) Strangely, some people have told me that they thought I’d always had the piercing? So weird!

    • Couple months ago! I just flip it up inside my nose for work and it’s totally invisible. =)

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