One Day, We’re Gonna Live in Paris

View from the apartment in the 16th arrondissement

Arc de Triomphe

Avenue Victor Hugo

Musee d’Orsay

Le Comptoir du Relais – so good we ate here twice! Highly recommend!

oeuf mayonnaise

terrine de pate

cochon au lait braise et roti

canard au pot

Musee Rodin

Musee Louvre

Le Chateaubriand – currently Pellegrino’s #11 Best Restaurant in the World. A steal at 5 courses for 50 euros.

smoked mozzarella

octopus with beets

fish with root vegetables and dehydrated capers

Mango with masala. DISGUSTING. Sry2say.

Paris was amazing. My 2nd time here and loved it just as much as the first. MUST go again, but in the spring next time! The only thing I had to complain about was the rainy, cold weather. We had maybe one day of spotty sun, which we should have taken advantage of and gone to Versailles, but we had the Louvre on the itinerary.

Food. Everywhere. Amazing. From the freshly baked pastries we had every morning to the Moroccan food we had for dinner. Simple, but expertly prepared bistro food at its finest. We had one night where we just went to the market, bought a baguette, a block of pate, butter, pickles, and a bottle of wine. Great dinner.

Didn’t do as much shopping as I wanted. It was just too cold and having to take off 3+ layers of clothes to try things on in the dressing room…..seemed unappealing.

Planned on finally getting my zippy wallet at the LV store (would save me about $200 USD!), but the Vernis Pomme was sold out all over Paris. What the heck. Didn’t want to settle on another color so we left empty handed. Looking back, I should have bought that luggage I’ve had my eye on. So not good at making decisions involving large amounts of money when I don’t have internet access to do impromptu research. We calculated the savings once we got home and were kicking ourselves for not buying something. Stupids. Money saved, I guess.

Whenever we travel, Husband and I always discuss, “would you ever want to live here?” The culture, the history, the attitude. Paris got a unanimous yes.

<3 european life <3

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  1. My husband doesn’t want to go to Paris with me ever, because he already extensively traveled Europe while he was single. SO unfair. Sounds like a crazy fun time!

    I always do that in my head: Could we live here? It’s usually dependent on how often farmer’s markets run, how close a Target is (not in the EU case), and how good the food is.

    I think I could do Paris. You could always get a pied-à-terre unit in Paris and commute back and forth on holidays. Watch House Hunters International ( A couple got a really nice condo/apartment in Paris for a nice deal, and it’s a gorgeous little unit. I died when I saw the finished product.

    Mae Lu @ thereafterish.!

    • I would definitely miss being 10 minutes or less away Target! There is something so nice about living simply in a small apartment in a city like Paris. There’s so much to do outside the home that living in such a small space doesn’t seem that bad!

  2. looks like you guys had a great time feasting on all the delicious foods!

    paris is definitely on my “must visit” list… mmm, all the pastries and pate to eat…

  3. There are very few cities I would live in, Paris is one of them. I loved the Musee Rodin, a little out of the way but should not be missed. I haven’t been to Paris since my last trip 2 years ago – I’m hoping to go back this fall. Lovely pictures!

    • I went to the Rodin on both my visits. I only wish the weather was better this time around – I kept telling Husband, no it’s REALLY PRETTY when it’s sunny! The D’Orsay was also really great if you haven’t been. A lot less stressful to navigate vs. the Louvre!

  4. Ummm that trip looks so incredible that I am in pain!!!! Must plan a vacation pronto!!! I can’t get over how amazing the picture is of you in the museum.

  5. Welcome home! y=You’re trip looked amazing and I can’t wait to visit Europe myself. The culture, the architecture, the historic beauty. You’re so lucky to have gone twice already! Oh, and I can tell it was cold by the way you were fashionably bundled up!

    : ) Tiff

    • Admittedly, fashion was the last thing on my mind. I’m so not used to dressing for cold weather! I wore some combination of leggings, long sleeve tshirts, and a North Face fleece everyday lol.

  6. sooo jealous! i’m looking forward to another post and more outfits! what was the fashion like while you were there? b/f and i are taking a 7 week trip starting in London and going through France, Italy, and Spain at the end of the month. with only a carry-on luggage. I have no idea what to pack!!!

    • It was so cold there (like in the 30’s) that everyone was just bundled up. When it was REALLY cold, most people were wearing puffer coats, scarves, and knee high boots. When it crept up into the 40s, it was wool coats, scarves, and knee high boots. It’ll be warmer when you go so I would pack things that are easy to layer. Tshirts, sweaters, leggings. A comfortable pair of boots. You probably won’t need a heavy coat, but bring a good jacket. I actually got a lot of wear out of my North Face fleece jacket which I layered over shirts. It kept me warm but didn’t make me sweaty. Have fun!!

  7. Gorgeous photos, delicious-looking food. Totally jelly. Whenever people talk about how mean the French are, I just don’t get it. I didn’t experience it at all, but maybe I was just oblivious. I would love to live there while I go through an independent artist stage in life and wear berets and smoke cigarettes while having coffee. Even though I don’t smoke.

    • When I went in 2007, I did get a couple of rude Parisian waiters, but this trip, everyone was REALLY nice. Like, offering to help us non-French speaking tourists on the subway-nice. Surprising!

      Cigarettes and coffee are totally up my alley. Add that on top of a cobblestone street with beautiful history and architecture in the background – what’s not to like!

  8. First time on your site and wow, those Paris pictures are amazing! Maybe in 2012 when I am done with law school AND pass the bar I can splurge on a Paris trip with my husband and kids 🙂 Now I will just drool on your pictures! Please post more if you have free time! The pictures came out beautifully. May I ask what bag you were wearing in the picture? Is it a Gucci crossbody? Thank you!

    • Thank you! Yes, it is the Gucci crossbody. It’s my favorite bag to take on trips b/c it’s so durable and lets me have both arms free.

      Good luck on law school and the bar!

  9. Fab photos! Photo tutorial soon, perhaps? The Hubs and I went to Paris right after he graduated/during my senior year in college so we roughed it and ate croissants and baguettes everyday on our limited budget. It was delicious, but we need to go back and dine at the fancier places!

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  11. Im loving all the recent Paris posts on the web! Im visiting for the first time at the end of the month and I simply cannot wait! 😀

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